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SWEETSWORDS 67 [Domestic drill ]


Father of bacteria and mother of virus
Spiritual journey and physical carcass
relative wisdom and unrelated ignorance
Public sensation and personal sense
father of inferno and mother of ice
Physical prosaic and spiritual spice
Relative topic and unrelated issue
Motherless Adam and fatherless Jisu

Poga Say's in a foolington maze

Feminine night and male sun
Mother earth and solar Sontan
One begets other but who bore both
Caterpillar son and mother moth
Feminine night and male daylight
feminine weakness and male might
One above other but both within something
By magical designer by genetic engineering
Feminine night and male sun
Mother earth and solar Sontan

Mr Barzakh Fitrath Ullah : The plague of teenage antisocial behavior
Treat it with social labour
Please give them something to do
They too are complete human beings with heart mind and RUH
Let them work at home
With Fathers sheep's and Mothers loom

Mrs Be Aql Khan Usta : Where my shadow illuminates the dark ignorance
While your stark arrogance brings gleam to gloom
Fool you are trying to veil the synthetic cyber nudity
With the authentic fiber loom
Mr Barzakh Fitrath Ullah : I admire scent of wild flower because i have allergy for market perfume
I admire cold unlit caves because i was scorched by hot burning home

I admire brute reality because i have allergy for fake civil
I admire naked nurture because i am afraid of those who dress to kill

I admire shedding my tears under water because i don't carry convenient tissue
I admire loud laughter because i am bored with silent crying issue

I like not what you like BE AQL nor you like what i like
But we like like each other as two different wheel of single bike
You reel your own way and i reel way that is mine
Yet we reach single destination  creating a singular line
We are two different essence of single body companion for life
We are two different person live in the same house as man and wife

Mrs Be Aql Khan Usta : I admire bottled botany what no season can weather
I admire Greenhouse harvest what all year we can gather

I admire artificial synthetics what outlast every original wool
I admire artificial intelligence what outclass every original fool

I admire public outcry what bring-forth hidden suffering to general view
I admire ancient silent smiles before i cry for present anew

I like BARZAKH what you like but i like what i like better
I know we are two different essence that binds this body as handcuff and fetter
You are men and i am woman and we are united for reason
We are join to bring-forth our two joyous son
It is for Poga And Huma we came together
It is because of Poga and Huma our initial admiration turn to love forever
Our love for each other is not for loss or gain
Our love for each other is not for satisfaction or pain

Barzakh : Between hunger and consumption
Between erection and ejaculation
Between drought and drink
Satisfaction is the unifier that binds all to singular link
Between love and lust
between feast and fast
Between longing and lament
Satisfaction is the unifier that binds worthless rocks and metal into priceless ornament
Therefore don't forget BE AQL our love for each other that effected for Poga and Huma to take rise
Our satisfaction for each other was the initial contest and our children is our prize

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