SWEETSWORDS 112 [ The Missing link ]

SWEETSWORDS 112 [ The Missing Link ]
Poga Humayun Dundiwala
Evolution of species,
D N A of Adam and gene of Iblis.
One is hot fire other is cold mud.
Yet they mix and mingle,
In the lukewarm blood.
Evolution of species by natural selection,
Evolution of spirit by divine revelation.
Evolution of species,
D N A of Adam and gene of Iblis.
Poga Says in The Foolington Maze
Evolution of religious thesis by Al Quran.
Torah and Bible,
Geetha and Puran.
By process of partial verses,
To the complete book.
As the appearance of apes,
Completed by the human look.
Through process of Alaqa Mudga and meat.
Evolution of weak creatures,
With mightiest brain and tiniest of heart beat.
Mr Barzakh Fitrath Ullah : When I was up in the heaven,
I was hollow.
Then I was filled with spirit,
And thrown down below.
I found earth filled with humans,
But no other Adam.
Therefore I cried for my beloved wife,
Who too was punished for cursed Gondom.
I knew I must find my separated partner,
I searched for her all circular no mans land,
And found her in divine cubical corner.
During this trail I saw many things,
I saw phantom Jinns and humanoid beings.
They fight and love in desire and ignorance.
Therefore I took the decision to bring them under,
Law of Allah to divine dominance.
And to made my race theirs lord,
I did this because that was the the decree of my God.
I found those humans,
With body breath and mind.
But not one of them had God consciousness,
To be counted as Adam's kind.
They were all as the savage primate.
They lived to love and lust,
And fought to breed and mate.
I found them naked but they lived with weaver,
And I knew the cutting and sewing as the divine tailor.
I gave them dress the gift of Islam.
I gave them veil of dignity,
To those naked the dress of Adam.
Mrs Be Aql Khan Usta : When I was lost I saw Lilith.
Mysterious woman from land of the myth.
She called me Eve in her animal tongue.
In the tune of tenderness,
As the sensuous song.
She and her kind worshiped me,
As Angels bought my food.
They copied my every movement, And followed my every mode.
They were my pet,
And they treated me like deity.
Yet they failed to comprehend my mental wisdom,
Apart from my physical beauty.
I missed Adam when I was lost,
In the land of Jinn with humanoid host.
I knew I must defeat this ignorance,
With my human wisdom.
I knew I hold the answers,
Because I ate from the tree of knowledge the fruit of Gondom.
I knew I hold the answer,
Because I am the human mind.
And to this humanoids the deaf dumb and blind.
I must teach them words of God,
To upgrade them to Adams kind.
Yet they held my beauty with be dazzled eye,
They held my beauty with song and praises,
And begun to address me with devotional cry.
Who are they,
The design of Al mighty mighty.
I knew then it was end of my leisure time,
And beginning of my duty.
I knew I was at home,
With my neighbour.
Therefore I used of woman,
To win this love and war.
I used political science,
In my domestic situation.
I used science of diversity,
By act of discrimination.
I knew them by my knowledge,
They look the same but they are not.
I missed my kind my Adam,
When I was lost.
In the land of Jinn with humanoid host.