Words unspoken, Words unread!

Deck of cards

I want to tell you a secret,
For this tale is sad and old.
I've kept it wrapped for many years,
Its contents I'll now unfold.

I hope that you will understand,
But I know it's for the best.
I've borne these words for far too long,
I must get them off my chest.

Remember when the tabloids showed,
Of a man who'd lost his car.
He lost it in a game of cards,
Playing poker in the bar.

The week before he'd lost his boat,
While playing chase the ace.
He couldn't bear to go back home,
His wife he could not face.

He lost his wife, his kids, his home,
Lost everything he had.
His life was not worth living,
He was truly, very sad.

But then his luck started changing,
All the things he had lost, he then won.
Whilst playing in the pub once,
He was playing twenty one.

He got them back, his heart so true,
His love so plain to see.
He's never played a game since then,
I know, "that fool was me!"

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