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Darfur- (Where Are Our Voices?!)

Even though thousands are dying and millions are crying,
we deny the things we see to blow kisses at mortality
  But isn't its democracy's job
to fight for justice and not dissolve
 into mute men who stand still
and watch the people's blood spill?  
Must we disturb wise men's sleep
to wake them up to see them weep
from the terrible tragedies of the past?
Without the voices of the people democracy won't last
But money has silenced our vivid tones,
staining our minds to smother their moans,
 the lonely moans in a trying time
whose faceless frames have made us blind
We can not slumber neither wait
or leave these people to their fate
while they constantly cry for help,
  we the people must watch our step
as though it's a fictional scene,
a scene that have death and screams
but screams that don't effect our ears  
the ears that bring our hearts to tears

copyrights 2006
Robert Anthony James

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Darfur- (Where Are Our Voices?!)