Words unspoken, Words unread!

Dear Mum.....

A soldiers letter to his Mother and loved ones after his brother
was killed in conflict.........Dylan is my Son.......

The days, the weeks, have turned to months,
Since your hearts were cursed with pain.
Those tear stricken hurt filled eyes,
I don't want to see again.

I never thought we'd see such grief,
In a life with so much love.
Never thought my words would mean so much,
When I pray to the Lord above.

When I pray I ask for guidance,
I ask, please keep you strong.
I ask the lord to keep you safe,
In these times that seem so long.

I ask take care of Dylan,
In these times when we're apart.
He's the reason that I wake each day,
He's the life within my heart.

There's a special prayer for you and Dad,
You're the angels at my side.
You're the people who have kept me safe,
Filled my heart with love and pride.

It won't be long to the day I'm home,
To live a life so free.
That picture's held within my heart,
You, Dylan, Dad and me.

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