P.S. I'll See You Soon

Honor, Duty, and Country
With duffel in hand
I watch my soldier leave
He turns and smiles at me
With a salute and a wave he says
I'll see you soon

An occasional cherished call
Lots of care packages sent
Many MRE cards received
Eyes closed, I feel your kiss
As I hear your last words to me
I'll see you soon

I tuck the kids in bed
A kiss and I love you from daddy
In the quiet silhouette of night a knock
A grave familiar car we all know in front
Cautiously answering an unwelcome guest
Ringing in my head...I'll see you soon

Rigid and void of expression they stood
Ma'am we regret to inform you
Your husband was killed in the line of duty
My heart stopped as I fell to floor in sobs
Still I hear…I'll see you soon

It's been a month since goodbye was forced
To my surprise a letter and gift arrive
From the depths of grief and tears comes a smile
Dog Tags from you that read:
I Love You
P.S. See You Soon

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P.S. I`ll See You Soon

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