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Letter To The World

The effects of reality must insure we survive
as every ancient tribe try to stay alive.
But how can we accomplish such a task if
those who runs the world don't take to
heart the tragedies of the past. We have
become much smarter...but we are not wise.
We eat sugar...we swallow lies. Riches have
made some foolish and bold. They make fires
in the summertime and don't wear anything
when it's cold. We hope the destruction of
time doesn't catch us by the heels and plant
our feet in the open fields. What frighten wise
men most is not listening to wise men of the
past. When total destruction comes it comes
upon men fast. There are some that call
themselves wise but they are shown to be fools.
They try to change laws they try to change rules...
all to man's destruction. We can't sit at the table
and negotiate with death. He'll season our food.
He'll stir our wine. He'll cover our eyes. He'll
shorten our time. We can't afford to forsake the
wisdom of the wise...that's like spitting at the

copyrights 2006
Robert Anthony James

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Letter To The World