SWEETSWORDS 13 [ Beast 666 ]

SWEETSWORDS 13 [ Beast 666 ]
Poga Humayun Dundiwala

The Remedymaladycal potion.
The water of life,
In the deadly poison.
In the modern medicines drug store.
No drug for swine flu.
From the Babylonian Whore.
Poga Says in the Foolington Maze.
For the Islamic lock,
I use the sandal key.
On the Moses's staff,
I put Sulaimani insignia,
For Muslim footmark to be Kuffar free.
The code of the key is the password six six six,
Three triangles equals one cube,
For the diagram to fix.
Cubical Kaaba and cubical kursi,
The double cube to hold,
Wrath of Allah and mercy.
For the Islmic lock.
I use the Ne Science Na Laynn,
To reveal the revelations of Al Haqq.
Beast of burden says,
The identification of Kuffar paths,
In the Islamic ways.
By Sunnatic rule of Golden Ratio.
In the body of Islam,
Qadianiquttha and Shiasnakes are the Kafir torso.