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Before Family And Friends

Today she stood before family and friends,
Realizing her new life,
Was about to begin,

This day yearned
Along ago,
Between two childhood sweethearts,
Who watched their love grow,

Breaking tradition,
Her gown a light blue,
With a meaning to say,
He'll always be true,

The groom a Marine,
Big statue in size,
Tried to hold back the tears,
From his watery eyes,

While exchanging their vows,
he took out the ring,
Oh me, oh my,
What a beautiful thing!

Pastor Moore announced,
Groom salute your bride!
Her cheeks rosy red,
From joy kept inside,

For this was a day,
The two stood so proud,
As they made their way
Past the cheerful thrilled crowd,

Ladies knew,
Next came the tossing bouquet,
Silently wishing,
For their own wedding day.

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Before Family And Friends