A Synthetic Soul

Emptied of its Splendor

Another lightless night tarnishes me with this filmy fog.
Loneliness embraces my body as I go on speaking with a cryptic tongue.
And I cannot rinse the shame from my face, surrendering my smile
to a city emptied of its splendor, where all faith is hard to find.

Detached from this taste of life, dancing differently in my mind.
Born nearly into exile, a lonely ripple against this wave of life.
This garden bearing trust and love, was thought a desert in my eyes.
Amidst the phantom shifting sands I'd sensed your body's alluring style.

Addressing repressed fantasies behind the abyss's polished charm.
Shadows' dancing all around, they flutter like my skipping heart.
Now captive inside my arms like the candle's romance enrapturing a flame.
Your radiance has claimed the place of light, bringing brighter shining days.

Searching back inside your filling eyes, left electrifying me without words.
Inhibition set about my heart, I'm believing you could be my cure.
Not even a thick and leaden sky conceals the aura surrounding you like fire.
Believing if I were loved by your endearing touch, that I could probably smile.

Edgeing slowly closer to your heart this time is something that's finally real.
Savouring a precious moment worth having waited another lifetime to feel.
Weighing on my every thought , as if your gravity has drawn me here.
Etched in mind, possessing a life where dreams don't dissappear.

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