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The Glory Of His Creation

Beautiful was the sight. The stars were so bright.
It was God's own plan that made the angels gather
in bands. They were gripped by the work of the Master's
hand. With beautiful colors he painted the sky.
With awe and amazement they started to cry. One
stroke there and a dab here the moon and stars did
appear. Then the oceans, the mountains, and the valleys
sights all danced and played in the moon light. The land,
the trees, and the clouds...drew an "Ah" from the crowd.
The grass, the flower, the heavenly dew and the gentle
wind that softly blew...put the finish touch on the
glorious view. Then he erased the moon and stars and
took the darkness out of the bars.The hours had expired
the night. He changed the dark color bright, it was
time to paint the daylight.

copyrights 2006
Robert Anthony James


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The Glory Of His Creation