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As the candle burns;
My mind wanders,
To a forbidden time.
A time when me and you,
Shared intimate moments.

I lay here beside her,
Knowing you're the on I want.
It may be wrong, but my heart,
Knows no other comfort.

Nothing makes sense.
How could we share so much?
Still you walked out that door.
Are we meant to be?
That question burns in my mind.

Your words tell me,
We will never be.
But your voice says "Just wait".
Maybe it's all in my head.

As the candle burns,
I wonder, will I ever feel that way again?
Will I ever have you in my arms?
Or am I just fooling myself?

Nothing I do,
Fills that empty space inside.
Our friendship is cherished,
But my heart longs for more.

I'll leave the questions unanswered,
Repair the damage I've done,
And pray for peace.

For now, I lay my head down.
I dream of you.
Blow out the candle,
The candle of a hidden love.


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