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Every peace freak, every un-conditional lover
ain’t a lover, it's time you discover
every Blackman ain’t your brotha,
Every female ain’t a Queen or fit to be a motha,
Too much un-warranted dance'n, sing'n, Inebriation,
Fornication, procrastination, jubilation,celebration,
Jaw jack'n linguistic and mental masterbation,
Is killing our nation,

Therefore, such conduct is no longer tolerated here.
Perpetrators will be hunted for bounty,from county to county,
So when we appear, show fear.
Clean up or be put down, duct taped ,buried in shallow ground.

Clean’n up the community, coming down with impunity,
Upon those who strip people of their dignity.
There will be no venue of escape for those perpetrators
Of mental or physical rape.

To my Akhs ... load up your Glocks ...
To my Brothers, "As Salaamu Alaikum" and to you others
In the room ...TIME TO BROOM.

Breaking necks, creating psychological wreaks ...
Bring’n heat, Bring’n defeat to the diabolical ...
Standing Strong against the
Maniacal, Bust'n Caps, Taking heads ...
Leaving devils dead from poisoned lead,
In pools of red.


Abu Lateef


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