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The Perception Of Love

The perception of love lies to us as truth.
A state of utopia and earthly paradise produced.
It's this perception that set us on phantom horses
to chase the stars in the skies. The determination
to attain such riches our heart tries. If love is
blind then we choose to be blind, if for but a moment,
to be in its its time, though we're in
a mist. Even if the fog makes us fools we're willing
to risk the danger- for a kiss. Although the kiss might
be but a few seconds, in that moment of space it seems
a life time...the world rewritten...your life redefined.
Therefore I say the thoughts of man are vain, though he
thinks he's wise, vanity falls like dry rain...from the
clear skies.

copyrights 2006
Robert Anthony James  

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The Perception Of Love