Pete's poems from the night.

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Free of doubt.

Bursting through incompetent clouds, a sunrise
Dissipating the cumulus depression
Over a parched mind runs spring water,giggling
Quenching the thirst for expression.

From a dispassionate window of cynicism
Reflecting a demolished fabrication
Anxiety diminishes as a last cloud of doubt
Dispersing to leave such clear vision.

From dust plumes rise emancipated eyes
With opening pupils a mind dilates
A face pressed against glass mirrors a smile
As from a mind the pain separates.

A flowers flare once gripped by weeds now feels
From within a shadow of spreading wings
Under which planted deceptions now wither and die
Starving a depression of enslaved offerings.

Be free to absorb the pleasure that courts you
Run through the fields, shout your name
Fall upon doubts that are without their sting
And you can get right back up again.