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SWEETSWORDS 113 [ In Dreams ]

SWEETSWORDS 113 [ In Dreams ]

By Poga Humayun Dundiwala


One man said to a dream interpreter about his dream tally
He said i saw my self in dream bartering wheat for barley
The dream interpreter replied
You stopped reading AL QURAN and started reading poetry
The man said yes our dream holds our map of our psychiatry

Poga Say's in a foolington maze

I dreams we are
Don't when don't know where
Yet time space matter all exist
The immaterial SANSAR for phantom beast
In dreams we see within us
Bigger inner heart than smaller outer carcass
Is it the tardis of Dr Who or the tiny occupier mighty RUH

In dreams we are
Don't when don't know where
But we are there all the same
What happens if we never came
And this this material existence brought to end
And we continue to live in our dreamland
That existence will break every record
That exist ace will prove back of beyond and existence of GOD

When Umm Jareer ibn Khatafi was pregnant
She saw nightmare most malevolent
She saw she gave birth to long braided rope of brunette hair
And as soon as her hair fell from her womb
It begun to strangle every creature every where
Umm Jareer woke up scared from her dream
Umm Jareer woke up with most frightful scream
So next day she went to the dream interpreter ibn Hakeem
The dream interpreter said you will give birth to a famous poet
He will incur hardship and suffering with this evil booklet

Barzakh : One day with AL KHIDR at ARSH OF ALLAH the unseen
My ears was a live but my eyes remained dead at sight of AL BATIN
At ARSH OF ALLAH the unseen with AL KHIDR
I revealed many veils yet one veil still remained the death MANDIR
These are ILM E MARRIFA not for living nor for dead
One day i saw this as i slept on the burning bed

One day with AL KHIDR at house of GOD
I saw shape shifting feline deity of Egyptian lord
We had dialouge but veil remained as barrier
While down bellow revolving earth was my sleepy carcass carrier
To the living i am saying about the afterlife
And to those dead who lives with living strife
KHIDR never told me about his degree about his deal
I have named him the GREEN MAN Gupta IBN CHLOROPHYLL

Be Aql : One day in dream
I saw MUHAMMAD sallal la hu alahi wa sallim
I saw as i slept in a basement flat in Cleveland st London
I saw telecom tower shrunk to nothingness during my ascension
I saw two angels by my side as they pull me above
And cold clouds chilled my bone through my damp night robe
I saw entering a reddish cave encrusted with luminous gems illuminating all
I saw him seated on throne in great hall
I saw many great seated as obedient courtier at presence of theirs lord
Yes i saw MUHAMMAD
Sallel la hu alahi wa sallim
Yes i saw him in my dream

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