SWEETSWORDS 113 [ The Dream Directives ]

SWEETSWORDS 113 [ The Dream Directives ]
Poga Humayun Dundiwala
One man said to a dream interpreter,
About his dream tally.
He said I saw my self in dream,
Bartering wheat for barley.
The dream interpreter replied,
You stopped reading Al Quran,
And started reading poetry.
The man said yes,
Our dream holds our map of our psychiatry.
Poga Says in The Foolington Msze
I want to report dream robbery,
From dream factory.
Its nightmare here please come at once.
They don't know they are alive or dead here,
Please don't take any chance.
I want to report dream robbery,
And you say get real.
Truth only manifest here
Rest is the veil.
Dreams and dreamer are forever united,
They can never be apart.
But I say they are stealing us together men,
With theirs hallucination art.
I want to report dream robbery,
At dream factory.
At hopeless lane.
Maniac's reside here,
Rest are insane.
Mrs Be Aql Khan Usta : When Umm Jareer ibn Khatafi was pregnant,
She saw nightmare most malevolent.
She saw she gave birth to long rope like braided hair.
And as soon as her hair fell from her womb,
It begun to strangle every creature everywhere.
Umm Jareer woke up,
Scared from her dream.
Umm Jareer woke up,
With most frightful scream.
So next day she went to the dream interpreter ibn Hakeem.
The dream interpreter said,
You will give birth to a famous poet.
He will incur hardship and suffering,
With this poetical booklet.
Mr Barzakh Fitrath Ullah : One day with in dream,
At Arsh of Allah the unseen.
My ears was a live but my eyes remained dead,
At sight of Al Bateen.
At the Arsh Allah the unseen,
Without Angels Adam or Jinn.
I passed many veils,
Yet one veil still remain.
The Arsh covered by light,
As if by luminous rain.
When I was at Arsh of Allah,
I saw without turning my head.
I saw I was sleeping in my room,
And my body was on the burning bed,

I saw woman in the garden,
With face of a cat.
But we speak to each other,
When we met.
With Allah I spoke,
But the veil remained as barrier.
While down bellow on the burning bed,
Earth was my sleepy carcass carrier.
To the living I am saying about the afterlife.
About those dead who still holds,
The living strife.

Mrs Be Aql Khan Usta : One day in dream,
I saw Muhammad,
Sallal lahu alahi wasallim.
I saw as I slept in a basement flat, In Cleveland Street, London.
I saw telecom tower shrunk to nothingness,
During my heavenly ascension.
I saw two Angels by my side,
As they pull me above.
And cold clouds chilled my bone, Through my damp night robe.
I saw entering a reddish cave, Encrusted with luminous gems.
There was no light,
But gems was illuminating all.
I saw him seated on Throne
In the great hall.
I saw many greats seated as obedient courtier,
At presence of theirs lord.
Yes I saw Muhammad.
Sallel lahu alahi wasallim,
Yes I saw him in my dream.
He said to one of his servant,
Indicating me to bring it closer.
He instructed his servant to me,
As an object not as He or Her.
As if I am not a person,
But an object or Beast.
For long I did not understood It's meaning,
But now I know itís inner gist.
When I came closer to him,
And he poked me with his walking stick.
I felt sensation run through my body,
As the Sacred staff made the click.
He touched me between my lower ribs,
Above my waist on my spine.
Then he instructed two angels,
To return me home by the skyline.
As we descended winds enter my garments,
Made me like a inflated balloon.
Bellow I could see the oceans,
And the desert sand dune.
When I saw post office tower,
The tallest structure in London.
And the Angels said now you can go alone,
And gave me a flag to hold on.
And I thought without Angels,
I can't float I will fall and die.
But flag was holding me like the parachute,
As I descended from the sky.
Flag was imprinted,
With star and crescent moon.
It was like flag of Pakistan,
The blessing without the boon.
As I touched the footpath of Cleveland Street.
I woke up in my bed in cold wintery night,
Sweating by heavenly heat.
And where my lord touched me,
With his charismatic cane.
A lump grew there like raisin,
With discomfort or pain.
I still have this lump on my backside.
Between the Man and the Beast,
It is branding what made the divide.
Mr Barzakh Fitrath Ullah : I saw my self drinking from the placid pond,
Drinking nectar crystal clear like diamond.
Then I saw I drunk it till dry out,
Only mud is left about.
That was when,
I heard someone shout.
Someone is screaming,
In manic mayhem.
Someone was shouting,
That I drunk the entire water of Zamzam.
Then I saw from the thing I was drinking,
Was not clear but amber.
Like color of whiskey,
Aged in cask of timber.
Then I saw what I thought was pond,
Actually that is a toilet commode.
Water is reddish,
Due to dark stain smeared on the pod.
I woke up and realized that was dream,
Not of mind but of soul.
And at waking I reflected on drinking from Zamzam,
What looks whiskey from toilet bowl.
So I I opened the net and found one mail,
Came from another night owl.
Like breath of fresh air.
From Iman Way islamic forum
He sent this blessed picture.
He sent me footmark of Ibrahim,
And Ismail Alahi wasallam.
When they rebuild the Kaaba,
The Sacred house of Islam.
There they during construction,
Stood on the white rock.
And theirs footmark was engraved on it,
As the keyhole is left on the lock.
Footmark on rock is a small hole.
Look like commode of toilet,
In shape of porcelain bowl.
Mrs Be Aql Khan Usta : I was sleeping in a house,
In Cookham Berkshire.
And dream came of the strange,
And scary atmosphere.
I saw sky is oily like plasma.
Revealing the weird and eerie,
Heavenly harrowing drama.
Some force from above,
Crested on the land,
The reverse gravitational move.
Trees are being uprooted,
And flying like birds.
Buildings are blown to destruction,
like the house of cards.
Peoples are floating like insects,
As wind blown sands.
All were begging to be saved,
Without any priority demands.
Rich and poor all became equal,
There is no more discrimination.
All fought for survival,
To reach the salvation.
I woke up screaming,
And I knew this was the potent sign of night comer,
The destroyer Planet X is coming.