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The Death Of Her Self-Esteem

She was looking for anything to make her soul live,
 a dream of a beautiful rose hopelessly denied...
                   for she was dying inside,
an act of a desperate fantasy unfulfilled.
  Her beautiful dream turned dark and gothic
when her aspirations were killed by the toxic
                   and the dream died.
She discovered she was holding on to the naked air
         and became overcome by despair
                          as she cried.
She was in dire straits, she would do anything to keep
                    that glory...that power
 so she grabbed the stem of a plastic flower,
  only to discover there was no life.
Her soul had been pierced and mangled by a sharp knife.
 She felt her self-esteem getting dangerously low...
she had nowhere to turn, she had no place to go,
                    she was scared.
Though she continued to without
her true worth couldn't be fulfilled
because the roots to her soul was dead.

copyrights 2006
Robert Anthony James

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The Death Of Her Self-Esteem