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 On The Wings of A War Bird

Over the target they circled
like a guardian angel…
dropping their life saving light
in the midst of the battle, throughout
the rainy jungle night.

They made one last desperate pass,
circled once more and then headed home
to base, when the heavy plane sputtered
and ran out of gas.

The pilots and crew… professionals all,
fought to keep the trim, but as fate would
have it…Down! Down! It came in the
monsoon rain.

Crashing into a mine field, skidding
along the muddy jungle floor…
breaking up like a toy plane, to be no more.

Thank God…none died, and all survived,
but, the horror of memories forever will

On the Wings of a War Bird they rode the jungle skies,
and the warriors on the ground will warmly
remember them until the day they die.

Jackie R. Kays
SSGT.     USAF (Med. Ret.)

Dedicated to the seven crew member of C-123 aircraft (Flare ship)
that crashed in the jungle near DaNang Air Base, South Vietnam
in the early hours of; November the 21st, 1965. I shall forever
remember that incident and the airmen involved.

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