Walking Along!

Walking along mile upon mile,
trudging the great highway.
Walking along without mirth or a smile,
to cheer me on my way.

Why have I chosen this ponderous road?
What are the marks that I bear?
Who is the one that gave me this load?
When can I stop and share?

Walking along, traffic close by,
turmoil and grief inside.
Walking along with a tear and a sigh,
No one gives me a ride!

Why did I let things get so out of hand?
What was the turning point?
Who was it said, they don't understand?
When did it get so out of joint?

Walking along, I've learned one thing,
I've peace, despite all the noise!
Walking along I've started to sing,
I guess I was given a choice.

Copyright November 2006 Robert Cartwright-Davidson

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Walking Along!

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