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The daily occurrences in occupied Palestine and Lebanon

bring to mind the brutality of Nazi Germany, police

brutality against Africans in the United States when

they waged a jihad for civils rights, and the savage

violence perpetrated against the South African majority

by the white Afrikaner former rulers of South Africa.

The culprit in each instance is or was White Supremacist

Doctrine. Does the White European Zionist government

of occupied Palestine (Israel) foolishly believe that

their repressive and oppressive actions will cause no

reaction from the disenfranchised? Does violence

give birth to anything other than violence? The

barbarism of the Israeli Defense Forces are

reminiscent of Hitler and his GESTAPO. Hasn’t

these Israeli Gestapo tactics given birth to another

generation of battered children (PLO, Hamas, Hizbullah)?

Will they emulate their abuser (Israel) by becoming

abusers of human rights just as the Zionist have become?

When will this self perpetuating system of abuse end?

When will a voice of sanity shout, "never Again?"

When will the Israeli government treat others as they

themselves want to be treated? Many members of the

Israeli government who were directly or indirectly

victimized by the Hitler induced holocaust of Nazi

Germany seem to suffer a type of mental disorder that

closely resembles the " abused or battered child


Question, has the abused child, in this case Zionist Israel,

grown up to become the abuser?

Former Israeli terrorist who are now politicians have

been part and parcel to some of the most viciously

barbaric acts of terrorism imaginable, acts so heinous ...

they shock the civilized mind. The barbarous acts of

these racist Zionist immigrants from Europe are the

direct cause which led to the Palestinian Diaspora.

These European Zionist have massacred countless

thousands of non-combatant civilians since their

emergence in the year 1948 as a Terrorist Rogue State.

And it seems to this author that the principal requirement

to become an Israeli head of state is simply to have had

an active role in terrorist activity.

1.) Massacre at Deir Yassin on April 9, 1948 was carried

out by terrorist Zionist gunmen of the brutish

"Irgun Terrorist Organization" led by Menachim Begin

the terrorist who would eventually become Prime Minister

and the notoriously savage "Stern Gang" led by the

murderous Yitzak Shamir another nefarious terrorist

who too would also become Prime Minister of Occupied

Palestine (Israel). These terrorist organizations in Nazi

like fashion attacked the peaceful unsuspecting village of

Deir Yassin. Not far from the Holy City of ‘jer-USA-lem’,

254 innocent civilians were ruthlessly butchered by these

madmen in a racist Zionist bloodbath. These merciless

terrorist fueled by racist hate didn’t even spare Palestinian

children. Many of their tiny bodies where found badly

mutilated. These terrorist, these European Zionist gave

threats and warnings of repeated atrocities happening

elsewhere was really the major factor that lead to the

Exodus of an estimated 750,000 Palestinians civilians

from the land they and their ancestors had inhabited for

more than an eon.

2.) The Destruction and Massacre at Qibya was carried

out in the year 1953. The Zionist Army Special Operations

Unit 101 commanded by former Israeli Defense Minister

and future Prime Minister, the brutal Ariel Sharon,

attacked the West Bank village of Qibya and without

warning blew up the homes of innocent civilians while

many were still inside. More than 50 non-combatant

civilians were buried alive ... out right murdered. Over

50 years later simular atrocities continue with regularity.

3.) A medical clinic was blown up in Samu in 1966

when a large contingent force launched an attack

upon the village of Samu which is located on the

West bank. One hundred and twenty five homes and

an elementary school were blown into oblivion. Fifty

four civilians were severely wounded and eighteen

needlessly murdered.

4.) In1967 Israel deliberately attacked the United States Naval Intelligence Ship Liberty while in international

waters. They were attacked from both air and sea off the

Sinai coast on June 8. Israel killed 34 American sailors

and wounded 171 others. Even a dog doesn’t bite the hand

that feeds it but apparently there is an exception to every

rule. Zionist terrorism seems to know no bounds.

5.) On 15, February 1968 the East bank went up in


The stench of burning Palestinian flesh filled the air as a

result of an aerial attacks by Zionist warplanes. The

Napalm and White Phosphorus bombardments created a

virtual flaming hell on earth destroying more than 15

villages and several refugee camps along the East Bank.

The number of innocent civilians killed that day was 56

and another 82 elderly men, women and children

were wounded.

6.) In 1972 the Israeli Zionist added a new dimension

to their already demented tactics as "Rogue State

Terrorist" by shooting down a Libyan commercial airliner

that had inadvertently flown slightly off course over the

Sinai. All 107 passengers plus the flight crew met a fiery


7.) The slaughter at Sabra and Shatila took place in

Beirut Lebanon in 1982. When the PLO withdrew from

Beirut the outlaw Army of the outlaw nation of Israel

moved in and initiated a ruthless cold blooded

Gestapo-like massacre of more than 1,000 innocent,

unprotected, non-combatant civilians. The victims

of this savage act of inhumanity were mostly women,

children and old men who had sought refuge in the

refugee camps of Sabra and Shatila.

8.) Prime Minister Menachim Begin former leader

of the Irgun Terrorist Gang ordered an attack against

the Osirak reactor in Iraq. He unilaterally attacked a

country in the same fashion that Hitler attacked

neighboring countries , without right or provocation.

This violation of all international laws occurred in

June 1981.

A comprehensive list of Israeli atrocities are too

numerous to list in this paper. Decade by decade they

continue to violate UN resolutions making itself above

the Law. No sanctions are ever imposed upon the Israeli

government which has an attitude of impunity towards

Palestinian human rights and a disregard, even rejection,

of international humanitarian principals as they apply to

Palestinians, Lebanese or the indigenous neighboring

Arab people.

The father of modern day Zionism, Theodore Herzl,

dreamed of establishing a homeland for European

emigrants who claimed Jewish ancestry. Indeed, the

Balfour Declaration of 1914, made Herzl’s dream a

reality. The dream of Herzl has proven to be a

Non- Kosher nightmare for the people of Palestine

and the people of the region. They have become

victims of a terrorist regime of the highest degree.

Victims whose blood has been splattered across

the landscape of the so-called "Promise Land."

A land so violent (The Terrorist Nation of Israel)

that makes the acts of the PLO, Hamas and Hizbullah

look like mere child’s play. This is the other side of

the story ... a story that is very seldom told.

Copyright ©2006 H.Khalil Abd Al Haqq

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