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The average AmeriKKKan doesn’t understand the

Iranian peoples resentment towards the Unites Snakes

Government or why the US government is Deathly

Afraid of Iran, but some feel Iranian resentment is


Iran was the first truly secular state in the region.

Through democratic electoral process in 1951 the Iranian

people elected Muhammad Mussadeq as their Prime


Mussadeq differed with Shah Muhammad Reza Pahlavi

over a dispute with the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company

which culminated in nationalization of the company. The

Shah was a full fledged Iranian Uncle Tom. If the Brits

or Uncle Sam told him to jump, his response would be "

how high boss?"

Mussadeq aimed to establish a secular Democracy while

ending interference of foreigners in Iranian politics,

especially regarding the exploitation of Iran's rich oil

resources by the "Anglo-Iranian Oil Company."

The British government announced it would not allow

Mussadeq’s democratic government to export any oil

produced in the former British-controlled refineries.

England set up a blockade of ships in the Persian Gulf to

prevent Iran from exporting any oil. Basically the Brits

position was, you will continue to let us have your oil

basically for free or we won’t allow you to sell it to

anyone else.

Oil being Iran’s major source of income caused the

Iranian people much hardship. This was England’s plan

from ‘jump street’ if they couldn’t have the oil for rock

bottom prices then Iranian people would just have to

suffer until the Mussadeq government come to its senses

or to its knees in submission.

The United Snakes sided with the Brits.

Partners in crime from conception, it seems difficult

for Uncle Sam to break free of the umbilical cord of its’

former colonial parent country. England had been

devastated by the second war to end all wars. After

WWII the US had emerged as The Premier World

power. President Dwight D. Eisenhower had Churchill’s

back. The USA’s CIA in collusion with England’s MI6

successfully conspired and carried out a coup d'état in

1953 ousting Mussadeq and re-installing the puppet

(Shah) by reinstating the Shah and restoring him to full

Dictatorial power.

The Iranian People suffered economic exploitation first

from the English and then from the United Snakes

Government. The CIA created, trained and directed the

Shahs’ dreaded Secret Police (SAVAK) in techniques of

torture and murder. Thousand of Iranians citizens were

dragged from their homes, tortured and murdered by

these ameriKKKan trained goons that would have made

Hitler envious. The diabolical exploits of the Shah, a

puppet more dangerous than ‘CHUCKY’ made Saddam

seem almost like a Mr. Rogers type of dictator.

The first ameriKKKan war against Iran started in 1980.

It was a war of proxy. Saddam in conjunction with

Kuwait and Uncle Sam formed a Persian Gulf Trinity.

Many people believe Saddam started the war with the

Islamic Republic of Iran at Uncle Sam’s insistence with a

promise of support as long as Iraq would destabilize

Iran’s new government. However, the Islamic Republic

did not crumble ... it grew stronger.

In 1984 Saddam expanded the war by taking it to sea

with hopes of disrupting Iran’s oil revenue. Saddam’s

navy was no military match for the Islamic Republic’s


Having been defeated on both land and sea and needing

more oil revenue money to continue the war, Saddam

enlisted Kuwait as an agent and surrogate to transport

Iraqi oil through the Persian Gulf. As a defensive

measure, Iran had no choice but to attack the Kuwaiti


In 1980 the Alzheimer patient Ronald Regan left

Hollywood to take up his new acting role as US


In 1987 the US Navy deployed to the Persian Gulf in an

effort to help Saddam with the war that he had started

with Iran. The US said they were asked by the Kuwaiti

government for military protections for its ships.

The White House was fully aware that the Kuwaiti’s were

acting as agents for Iraq which in essence meant that

military protection for Kuwait was military protection for

Iraqi President Saddam Hussein. Saddam was Uncle Sams

most powerful military ally in the region. AmeriKKKa

flew their flag on all Kuwaiti ships threatening the Islamic

Republic of Iran that any action taken against Kuwaiti

ships would be interpreted by Washington as an attack

against the US.

The ameriKKKan government made it unequivocally clear

that they were in support of Saddam’s War. A war that

was disastrous for Iran, stalling economic development

and disrupting oil exports. It cost Iran an estimated

1 million casualties. With ameriKKKan support for

Saddam and so many casualties among civilian and

military personnel, do you think Iranian people should

love ameriKKKa?

If a government with absolutely no moral authority on

this earth came to you offering you, whom they have

identified as a card carrying member of the Axis of Evil,

peace and freedom after you having witness the

treacherous ways in which they have treated their friends

(Saddam Hussein) would you be wrong by rejecting them?

The governments of Saddam, the al-Sabbah family

(Kuwait’s ruling family) and Ronald Regan formed an

unholy alliance against the peace loving Islamic Republic

of Iran. Is there any wonder why Iran has no trust in the

ameriKKKa government?

Should the Iraqi people who are now subjected to

occupation by ameriKKKan Storm Troopers trust the US

government? Should Iranian people, seeing what

ameriKKKa has done in Iraq trust the US government?

Should people in the region seeing how ameriKKKa

supports the Terrorist Rogue state of Israel in its

mistreatment of the Palestinians and the people of

Lebanon trust the US government? Should parents,

widows and children of American combat casualties

continue to trust the false words of US government

politicians? Is Blood for Oil ever a good governmental

policy? Is Iran wrong for not bowing in submission to

ameriKKKan Imperialistic demands?

Uncle Sam and his co-conspirators fear the Islamic

Republic of Iran because it has become the catalyst for the

re-establishment of the inevitable re-emergence of the

Islamic Khalifate.

Iran was the first nation among those with a Muslim

majority population to declare itself an Islamic Republic.

Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordan, Morocco and Egypt etc.,

all rule their subjects with an eclectic smorgasbord

approach to government.

They often use a little socialism mixed with a smattering of

monarchy, a dash of democracy and an occasional pinch of

Islam ... to keep them in power. These smorgasbord

regimes have formed an unholy alliance with Christian

governments who are on a Crusade to thwart the wishes of

the Muslim masses to return to Al-Shariat-ul-Islam

(Islamic Jurisprudence).

Many Muslims, Shia as well as Sunni, worldwide have

been inspired by the establishment of an independent

Islamic State that is non-aligned with any of the Colonial

or present day so-called super powers. Iran’s

Revolutionary example has given the Muslim Ummah

worldwide a model worthy of emulation.

Since the 1979 Iranian Islamic Revolutionary overthrow of

the ameriKKKan backed Dictatorial regime of the Shah,

the common Muslim masses have risen in revolt against

rulers whom they see as unjust and repressive political

puppets and international Uncle Toms to former colonial

and the present day so-called super power ... The United

Snakes of ameriKKKa.

These Westernize puppets, these International Uncle Toms

are finding it increasingly difficult to repress the masses of

their people who yearn for a return to Islamic law and

culture. White Supremacist fear of the proliferation of

Islamic states, re-establishment of the Islamic Khalifate

has caused bed wetting and panic all the way from the

White House to Buckingham Square.

Copyright ©2006 H.Khalil Abd Al Haqq

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