No Place To Go!!!!!

No place to go where I call home.
No place to feel secure.
No place to hide when I'm distressed.
No place to feel assured.

No room to feel at ease in.
No room to draw aside.
No room that I can call my own.
No room in which to hide.

No door to close the world out.
No door to free my mind.
No door that I can safely lock.
No door to duck behind.

A distant light comes into view;
A distant light inspires.
A distant light comes closer now.
It's a hearth with a blazing fire!

"Come sit by me I'll keep you warm;
Come, sit and talk awhile;
Come sit and pour your troubles out;
Come sit, relax and smile."

Copyright November 2006 Robert Cartwright-Davidson

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No Place To Go!!!!!

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