Left Out in the Cold.

I wrote this poem about my daughter who actually packed her job in and left her home because she was afraid to stay where she was.

I'm being attacked by 'druggies',
Don't know what I can do?
I've packed in my job to escape;
But goodness knows, where to?

I've got two little kiddies,
Can't drag them everywhere!
Renting is far too expensive,
Buying's too much of a scare.

Council estates are a No! No!
Far to much 'dross' around.
So where can I find a residence?
There isn't a place to be found!

I've tried with most of my relatives!
My Nan's got land galore:
Yet all she has available,
Is an unused office floor.

There aren't any amenities,
No electric, water or gas.
I feel that I'm unwanted;
Left out in the cold, alas!

I think I'll try for a caravan,
Or maybe an eight berth tent:
Perhaps an abandoned log cabin;
Hey! That wouldn't cost any rent!

Copyright November 2006 Robert Cartwright-Davidson

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Left Out in the Cold.

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