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There is nothing wrong in being with family and
friends for good meal, good company, good
conversation and a good time. But it should be
done for love of family, love of friends not to
commemorate an aspect of the "ameriKKKan"
Nightmare known as thanksgiving.

ameriKKKan holidays are for "ameriKKKans" but not
for those who are victims of ameriKKKanism.
Much of ameriKKKan history is ugly and thanksgiving
is a part of that ugliness. Yes, Thanksgiving is a slap
in the face to non-european Americans. It is indeed
a despicable day.

No sane person of non-european roots should find
cause to celebrate the arrival of european invaders
upon the shores of the Americas. Because in
celebrating Thanksgiving they are in reality
celebrating the land theft, rape, pillaging,
wholesale murder, kidnaping, enslavement,
lynching and oppression initiated and
perpetrated by the chauvinistic, racist, bigoted
Christian fathers of this country.
To this day their descendants through the
decades, the centuries and into the New Millennium
have continued to perpetuate the Crimes of their fathers.

No sane American of non-european ancestry
should voluntarily imitate the Majority Society
through celebration of this abominable day
unless they have unknowingly lost their individual and
collective minds.

The survival of the europeans first winter in
America is a day of Great sorrow, a day of Great
Stress, a day to lament, a day of Mourning but
not a day to rejoice or give thanks.

Native and African Americans who believe they
have something good to celebrate are delusional.
They are suffering from an Identity Crisis.
They hate themselves to an extent so extreme
they discard their own cultural identity by
immersing themselves psychologically and
culturally into the alien ways euro-ameriKKKa.

The Thanksgiving holiday commemorating the
colonialist survival of their first winter in ameriKKKa
should by no means be celebrated by these two
groups because they have nothing good to
commemorate. They have been victims of cultural
annihilation, social degradation and moral humiliation.

To celebrate the holidays of the majority society
is tantamount to the Jews of Nazi Germany
celebrating the birthday of Adolf Hitler, tantamount
to celebrating the institution of chattel slavery or

Any African or Native American who
celebrates Thanksgiving has accepted the lie
promulgated to promote and propagandize the
myth of white supremacy.

Thanksgiving ... no thanks!

Abu Lateef

Copyright ©2006

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