Pete's poems from the night.

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A game for two.

Lights off and everyone's home
Voices in the dark inspire
Twilight signals the hunt
With all the tools he requires.

Night seduces wild fantasy
A child with dreams of conquest
Time stands still for this abused
Spurned once by ugly faces.

Enticing hiding places welcome
Envelop him with cold caress
An island of light to ensnare
This trap door spider awaits.

Pulse pounding, patience
A prey dithers on the edge
Calming voices stroke a nerve
Encouraging a killers knowledge.

Tightly coiled legs strain
Eyes never leaving the prize
Bejewelled sweat beads twinkle
Upon a cranial prison of lies.

This confused angel of death
Unfolds his fatal embrace
Metal glints in the gloom
Swift as a breath his pace.

A split second divides his duality
For she smiles, a hand outstretched
Warmth fills his playground
A steely coldness has pierced.

Knees crunch as he falls
Unsaid words exchanged in stares
A mind prostrate, a weight lifts
Smiling away his torturous cares.

Stalked has been the hunter
Arrogance a trail left to follow
The game she! enjoyed so
Leaves her behind sad, hollow.

Destiny's sting brings a last tear
For both lives are now ended
Played out was the conclusion
A metaphor of life contended.