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A Glimmer Of His Grace

The Lord walks on the waters of the
            rising tides
In the desperate shadows where the
            humble abide
I will forever pray to the glorious King...
He's the water of life in the dormant springs
Even when forever collapses the hands of time
 and the source of all things are in the Divine...
         forever is meaningless
I can never repay the debt that was erased
As tears of gratitude drop from my face
          I say thank you
I'm so touch...
These graceful tears don't mean anything to the crowd
but my joyful song has pierced the soul of the dark clouds
I'm just a lowly servant but you set me among kings,
    gave me water to drink from thy blessed springs
Even when the cold nights were dark and long
   In the dark you came with a song
A beautiful song in the depths of my heart
Foolish is the man who says there is no God
     When the tempest winds blow
   and your soul's in dire straits  
If the Lord's in the mist it's never too late

copyrights 2006
Robert Anthony James

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A Glimmer Of His Grace