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Unknown Warrior

Some say they dug up six
Some, it was only four
Each from a different conflict
Of that bloody and cruel war.
They placed each on a stretcher
Concealed under a Union Jack;
One they chose at random,
The others they sent back
To lie again with comrades
In alien contested earth.
The chosen was returned
To the possible land of his birth.
Housed in an oaken coffin
With an old Crusader blade,
Interred with due ceremony
In a grave especially made.
We only know he died in war
And was British Empire blood
A symbol of all those who died
For a cause few understood.
A truly Unknown Warrior
There lest we forget
The sacrifice war brings.
A lesson not learned yet.
That War to end all Wars
Now nearly a century passed
May have been the bloodiest
But was certainly not the last.
The world's politicians
Still choose might
Secure in the knowledge
Others have to fight.

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Unknown Warrior



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