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SWEETSWORDS 20 [ Cast and Creed ]


Race relation mentality and narcissistic heart
Dual wheel and single cart
United ultimate and solo absolute
Selfish seed and racial root

Race relation mentality and egoistic desire
Dual fusillade and single fire
United ambition and solo result
Selfish sea and racial salt

Race relation mentality and greedy appeal
Dual dithering and single will
United continuity and solo cease
Selfish possession and racial lease

Race relation mentality and bias brain
Dual fluid and single vein
United stand and solo collapse
Selfish freedom and racial traps

Poga Say's in a foolington maze

Brahman's head and Kshatriya's arm
Sudra's feet and Vaysa's tum
Cast of clan and rank of regiment
Private downgrade and social ascent

Brahman's head and Kshatriya's arm
Scholar Ravan and Savage Raam
Noah's water and Manu's fish
Universal food and national dish

Brahman's head and Kshatriya's arm
Caltivar seed and Cropper's farm
Cellular division and outcast hair
Simply odd and matching pair

Brahman's head and Kshatriya's arm
Anonymous nobody and every body's Naam
Science of names and sign of caller
Outer Listeners and inner teller

Nagarjuna Say's character of crow
At first hour of dawn if it cries from east oh oh oh
Then all is well
Nagarjuna Say's listen to crow they are trying something to tell

Ka Ka Ka Ka
Who is there Who is talking Who are you
I am the Song Bird
If you are song bird then why are you shouting like the Crow
Yes indeed i am the Song of the Heaven
Who was brought Up Under the ravens burrow
Ka Ka Ka Come In

Ka Ka Ka is the sound like Qun Fa Ya Qun
But GOD used his tongue plus his hands to create Adam's spermatozoon
He fashioned with his hand idol called men
And with his sound evolved filthy earth from the NOOR of heaven
Now Hen is the produce of evolution and the Rooster is ALLAH'S handicraft
Ka Ka Ka
Adam came by the earthen door but i am the crow who came by the heavenly shaft

Be Aql : Biological water and chemical hydrogen
Mechanical submarine and flying ocean
The hidden depth of water and manifest upper woods
Biological water and chemical clouds

Barzakh : Water of life and eternal fusillade
Wild fire and taming water brigade
Contradictory arguments and contradistinction's remark
This are my Quality oh BE AQL because i am the controversial BARZAKH

Be Aql : Biological soul and synthetic sense
Cleaver veiled masquerade and BARZAKH nonsense
Therefore it is pointless to ponder long time in this short course
About contradictory BARZAKH without beginning without source

Barzakh : Time is short and long but moment is immortal broad
Time lives short and long but moment is eternal GOD
My BARZAKH is not long or short but my BARZAKH is wide
I am prevailed from past to future but from moment i seek to hide

Be Aql : So you agree you are the barrier what creates this division
With cast and creed and race and nation
So you agree you are the barrier what creates this crisis
Between Creator and creation between Insaan and Iblis

Barzakh : Yes i am the barrier the clear distinction
Yes i create cast and creed in human nation
Yes i am the barrier what provokes them to break free
Yes i am the barrier what provides the with division and degree

Be Aql : West Bengal Hindu and east Israeli Jew
This two race they think they are chosen
Above Bangladeshi Musalman and Arabian Mumen
They think they are better
Chosen prophets from the creator
So tell me BARZAKH what is the veil here that creates the barrier
Between one blood and two carrier

Or Aham i am the Ahankara
This instant ego and that constant eternal
Create Hindu fences and Jewish wall
They Fantasize for BARZAKH but they wake not by revelation
They remain the most ignorant by generation to generation

Be Aql : Angelic Aryan and devilish Dravidian
Arabian hur and Indian ashur
Who are they tell me BARZAKH what is theirs truth
Tell about sons of woman and race of LUTH

Barzakh : Imani ommo And beiman Hommo
Straight Adam and crooked Sodom
Fact and fiction truth and make belief
Permanent ease and temporary relief
This two true path third is doubtful
The most ignored the most useful
The path of choice
The confirming permission from inner voice
That guilt free feeling of being sincere
hearing words of consciousness for inner ear
Each men is one and only yet each men is product of two
The living one and deadly duo
It is the true trinity of father son and mother
Creates outcast vagabond and communal brother
It start with theirs inheritance story
Paying customer and charging dowry
From here the division came between sword and sheath
Between servant of Adam and master of Lilith
It begun with homeless Cain and city builder Enoch
Between sons of Seth the messengers of ALLAH'S book
It begun from here between nation of Adam and human race
It begun with birth of insignificant nameless person with prominent in name of birth place
Yes it is from here what occupies whose womb
my place or your room
It is as simple as AHAM i am the AHANKARA
Occupies its own domain in this SANSARA
In this personal domain there is no room for other
No room for creature and creation no room for the creator


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