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No, there's nothing wrong.
Who said I had the blues?
I overslept a bit today so maybe
That's why I'm wearing odd shoes.
Yes I had a gorgeous night,
Turned into a first class rave.
Hands shook a bit today.
That's why I didn't shave.
What am I doing tonight?
Well just let's see
After all those years we had
Not used to being free.
What am I doing tonight?
Well maybe I maybe think
I'll just shower and shave
And have a few little drinks..
Must get on with life.
Do I still care?
Yes it does feel wrong
Now she's not there.
Yes it was a surprise.
I suppose more of a shock.
I thought we were for ever.
Like the proverbial rock
But I'm chasing life again,
Catching up, that's me.
A lot of life still to live
Now that I'm set free
I'll hang around a bit
Just in case she rings
Just hope she's okay,
And coping with things.
No man, honest I'm doing fine.
Who said I had the blues?
Lonely? Just hasn't the time.
Where do you get your news?

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