Elegy to Lee Esther

This poem is an elegy in free form. I attempted to convey the essence of the person in a concise manner without too much explanation. Let me know if you can feel the kind of person Lee Esther was.

Elegy to Lee Esther

She showed me what it takes to bear that which must be born.
Never to see that lovely face filled with grace and intelligence.
I cannot hold within what I cannot comprehend that she is gone.

When last we spoke the husky whisper with which she still sought
to sooth and reassure. Do not weep for me my child, for all is well
all is as it should be and in the hands of God.

I recall the strong but gentle hands that kept me safe from harm.
They combed and groomed with loving care, me, her cherised child.
They cleaned and cooked, and disciplined and, yes, everything else.
I recall those wonderful, expressive hands from when I was small
and she was capable and tall.

This beautiful woman alone nourished me through the growing years.
No husband for her or father for me to provide all that was needed.
Lee Esther, mother, mentor, inspiration, truly my life giver.

I miss you and will until we meet again in the sweet by-and-by.
I know because your spirit promised me when you left this earth
for Heaven.

By Claudia Rodriguez

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Elegy to Lee Esther