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If You Let Me

A poem from the novel
"The Essence of Poetry III:A Trilogy's End of Sexy Poems"
Written by: The Late Mr. Gerald Lamar Ingraham


Awful doesn't begin to describe,
How much he hurt you inside;
Such neglect a lady had undergone,
Second to the boys, you waited alone;
He always proclaimed love was there,
But your invisibility transcends the care.

Please don't set yourself short by a name;
You can love beyond what you desired.

If you let me…

Wrong is not the half of what he did,
Discipline beyond that exposed to a kid;
Taking a threat after a single threat,
With a child as an only link to no regret,
He kept saying that he would change,
But Black Intuition told you it was strange.

Don't set yourself short by an old flame,
You can love beyond what had transpired.

If you let me…

If you let me take it from here,
I shall do my damnest for not another tear;
If you let me love you right,
I shall give it my all each day and night;
If you let me…

If you let me make up for his wrong,
I shall cleanse your heart of pain so long;
If you let me touch those lips,
I shall kiss away spasms of firm grips.
If you let me…

You've been holding on too long,
It is about time to all your past go;
And I am here to help you get strong,
But I only can do it, if you let me though.
If you let me.

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If You Let Me

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