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Universe Within

Where do we find the new frontier that inspires our growth? This poem reaches for the answers to the common perspective of meaninglessness that impairs life and love. Follow me...take my hand... it will be a safe journey.

Universe Within

What reveals the beauty
The inner kept secrets
The subtle fusion
Of passion and purpose;
The mystery of evolution
From child to woman;
From seed to bursting blossom
Of love and kindness;
And who sees these changes
So subtly viewed;
What nourishes the heart
That feeds
Nutrients of fresh blue sky
And deep cobalt oceans;
What light glistens
Off shimmering moon-bright lakes?
Have we not seen eternity
In the deep space starlit eyes
Which so mysteriously reveal
This evolutionary beauty;
The light captured through eons
Of star gazing and moon worshipping;
Is the reflection not a clue
To worlds slightly out of view?
For in the eyes of want
Is the portal to every
Passionate soul;
A path to fulfillment;
A worldly kingdom of gold;
If only one could see
The beauty inside thee.


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Universe Within

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