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Oh! Why?

As the world spins by, I often wonder of many things and why, oh! why?
Time is so fleeting and yet, the world keeps on bleeding and I wonder why?
The young starve and the old die, and I keep asking why, oh! why?
The rich just get richer while the poor slave harder just to eat, and I ask
why, oh! why?

Promises were made and never kept and all over the world they wept.
Predators come in all shapes and lies and the locks on the doors get bigger in size.
Pay not the piper for he too lies and the rats pour in and the cats have all died.
Oh! Why doesn't someone stop the madness, and I ask, "where is the angelic artist?"
We have all made our bed and now we must sleep with the corrupt and the ugly dead.
Where are the prophets, the time weavers, and the men, who  playing the righteous songs?

Have they all gone Loonie Toon and departed in a rocket ship to the proverbial moon?
Too late now…the crazies are sane and the sane are crazy!
We now live in a world of white powder and dancing daisies, Atomic bombs
and a world full of lazies.

Oh! Why?… Ask not, for the answer will surely be a lie! Beware…for across the hot desert they march, wishing we all would just lie down and die. Now they swear them in with the Quran…isn't that just ducky and grand! All this…while we sit around singing; "American Pie."   Oh! Why?

Jackie R. Kays
© 07

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