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Song Of His Praise II (A Friend That's  Closer Than A Brother)

When the chains of doubt had me bound
 And in the sea of worthlessness I almost drown
For the circumstances of life took my sight
 til I lifted my head and saw thy light
When the water dried up and my skin pleaded in need
  and the barren land wouldn't yield a seed
Thou fed me with the dew of heaven
  and gave me water from the morning springs
When the weights got too heavy and I could no longer walk
  You carried me on your back among the tall stalks
When I had nothing in my hand it seemed
  You said look upon the desolate fields and dream
When I almost gave up on life
  You said have faith in God and trust in Christ
When I roamed in dry places thinking I've been forsaken
You said the riches of my blessings have not been taken
When I was down and out and couldn't see a way
  You said rest here awhile and I'll go pray
When the hands of darkness compressed my head and feet at night
  Your truth shined in the north as a guiding light
You said follow me and I'll find peace
  I walked toward the light and the darkness ceased
The fog was gone the stars appeared
  I was almost dead but I've been cured

copyrights 2007
Robert Anthony James

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Song Of His Praise II (A Friend That`s Closer Than A Brother)