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To Know Him

The love of God did abound
where the strength of man failed
Ripped from the jaws of the enemy
            delivered from hell
The glory of thy light disperses dark reason
   Flowers bloom in the spring
Thy rain waters the seasons
The earth is thy footstool, you made the skies
The power of thy glory draws in our cries
There's no deliverance for man in the depths of the sea...
Spoke to the whale and set me free
My eyes have been healed...I am thine
The universe's in awe-glorified with a shine
With thee there is no time or space unfulfilled
beyond the universe unknown thy glory hasn't sealed
Even if a thousand years should pass in a twinkling of an eye
Though a thousand tears I've shed still I cry
Only in thy truth can we be fair
    Sent the Word and made us bare
Though the host around us saying we're right
We'll never see the truth lest you anoint our sight

copyrights 2007
Robert Anthony James

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To Know Him