Beautiful Disaster


Society keeps yelling in my ear
Its all I hear
Telling me I'm not good enough
I try to act tough
Pretend I don't care
But it's more then I can bare
It tells me its all about looks
Not about books
Or how funny you can be
Not in this society, you see
People have forgotten how to be true
To themselves, to me, to you
They walk on by
With no spark in their eye
Society tells them what's right
And they listen and follow without a fight
It says this is the way you should be dressing
And people dress that way without second guessing
If you don't follow society's rules
You're considered "uncool"
If you're not quite thin
Society says you don't fit in
If your not as attractive as some
People treat you like a bum
There is no respect anymore
Especially if you are different from what society calls for
Get out before it's too late
Before society claims your fate
But how, you ask
How should I go about such a difficult task
There is one thing you can do
Stop listening to society and start listening to you

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