Beautiful Disaster

Mirror, Mirror

Mirror, mirror
What do you see
Tell me true
Speak to me

With a quick glance
You see a girl
Unruly hair
Crazy curls

But if you stop and look
Deep in her eyes
You will see a girl
Whom I despise

She is broken                                                                                          
Cracked in many places
But she puts on an act
Of smiling faces

Because I constantly abused her
Her decrepit soul
Has fallen apart
And is no longer whole

So she tries to fix the cracks
By seeking love from peers
To mend the brokenness
Of all those years

But that isn't sufficient
It only holds for a while
Then the seal is broken
And she's left with her fake smile

I guess I detest  her
Because she is my fault
I made her that way
By my constant assault

That girl in the mirror
That girl that you see
Is the same girl
That lives within me

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