At one was loved
At two was independent
At three learned of God above
At four Mother Goose could comprehend it

At five lived the day in play
At six went to Bickle Elementary
At seven sang and skipped the day away
At eight her brother Rick was complimentary

At nine lived in the family cars
At ten her father used her
At eleven prayed to the stars
So shy as life abused her

At twelve Garfield was the school
At thirteen gave her body to Randy
At fourteen a delinquent fool
At fifteen happy to be Candy

At sixteen changed her name to Lori Ann
Ran away to Okmulgee, Oklahoma
At seventeen worked hard as she can
At eighteen daughter Molly came to know ya

At nineteen was a good wife
At twenty moved around
At twenty-one lived the party life
At twenty-two her soul was down

At twenty-three her son Josh was one year old
At twenty-four built trailers
At twenty-five came Noah, son of gold
At twenty-six their dad one of her failures

At twenty-seven had a big house there
On the corner of Frazer and Tenth Street
At twenty-eight perfect in her care
At twenty-nine her soul could wait

At thirty left her mean man Dan
At thirty one in college to be a nurse
At thirty-two raising her kids her plan
At thirty-three she married for the worse

At thirty-four she worked all night
At thirty-five she grew to love her neighbor
At thirty-six she lived what's right
At thirty-seven good Dan was her labor

At thirty-eight her husband finally got a job
By then it was too late
At thirty-nine she felt robbed
At forty knew his love was not her fate

At forty-one she road her bike for miles
Two thousand of them a year
At forty-two so strong with smiles
God-like with nothing to fear

At forty-three her back gave out
God cut her down to size
At forty-four the pain would have her pout
At forty-five tears welled up in her eyes

At forty-six accepted chronic pain
At forty-seven tried life
At forty-eight seriously gained
A man who she thinks needs a wife

At forty-nine two men love her they say
As they leave her going home to others
At fifty lives alone, works night---sleeps day
Continues searching for a father that mothers.  

1/14/2007 1945 cj

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