Judy Anderson
Has the same last name as me
She killed herself
And now her bodies free

She was an elementary teacher
Like my landlord, Bill Shank
She should have been a reach-er
She should have learned to think

I wish she would have found
Another way out of depression
Like counseling or drugs
Or writing some confession

And she had to kill herself
At Cold Springs Grange
A quiet peaceful place
How does life get so deranged?

That's why I write my poetry
And ride my bike and ski
That's why I send it to someone
'Cause then I can be free

Free of wanting suicide
Free to get on my bike and ride
Free to take care of others
Let my depression be smothered

I don't need a gun
Pointed at my head
I just need some fun
Not to want to be dead

I just need a call
From that one friend
I just need to give my all
To not want it to end

And I pray
For all the Anderson's like me
Give them a way out everyday
'Cause life can set you free

Find a way
Around the bad hours
Touch someones heart
Get some life powers

Don't kill yourself
You're worth so much
You're a great wealth
To all the lives you touch.

3/4/1996 0835 cj

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