A Synthetic Soul

Surrounding Air

No pride in his fear
lone and demonstrating his recklessness.

Most likely soon he'll be chasing a whiter shade of pale.

Sliding his feet over unproven ground, tonight ignorance is his greater attribute.

With a heavy tongue, warming face, and blurring vision
The walls around him bow and sway and begin rippling like waves.

And all has began fading to grey,

reality slipping a pinch at a time, as his mind relinquishes all control.

This thrill now clenched deeply within starved and dieing hands

Frozen inside his step,
numbness is screaming its way through his body.

No witness to his vision blurring in and out,
chills completely cover him inside.

A white tunnel as large as life now wraps him spiraling slowly, nothing else exist for this moment,

Fighting to recover. It tightens, his soul weightless and drawing near a blaened light, miles to the end.

Body anchored in its place, wave upon wave saturates what spirit he has left.

Feeling the blood in his body as it all turns cold.

Time slams completely still all around him.

Expressionless, wishing to struggle, paralyzed in his own body.

Shame crawls itsself over his every sense,

as he's enveloped by the last word to creep into his mind.

Life fails to be this vivid , a mirage of freedom being held in his breathing.

The Surrounding air spills into his lungs, sharing its vague feeling.

Fading into consciousness, feeling his heat scorched face.

As the clenched hand around his stiffening heart suddenly lets go.

Vaguely recalling Oops Would have been his last word.

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