Beautiful Disaster


Beauty can be defined in so many ways
It can be different on different days

Sometimes beauty comes from within
Other times beauty is all about what's on the skin

We are taught to love who we are
And that we don't have to be a big star

However, everywhere you go
Media says, it isn't so

They tell us the only way to be beautiful is
To buy that, and to wear this

And we get so turned around
Drowned by all the sound

We don't know what to listen to
We don't know what's true

Beauty can't be defined before
We know what we want to be beautiful for

If we chose to be beautiful for man
Then we better start working on our tan

Mankind bases beauty upon looks
They attach no importance to books

But if we chose to be beautiful for God
We can remove the facade

God doesn't look at our hair
He looks at how much we care

He doesn't look at our face
He looks at our grace

God gave us all beauty of our own
But sometimes it remains unknown

We don't explore
To find out more

We don't let our beauty out
Because of our doubt

We hold back
What we think we lack

Because we are trying to impress man
But that's where the problem began

But there is only one person we have to impress
Only one who can truly measure the beauty we possess

He's thought we were beautiful from the start
Because he looks at the heart

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