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A Moment That  Equals Eternity

To think of a moment
as eternity-
To think of eternity
as a moment-
This thought arose because
Of your existence-
Inside of me-
In centuries of timeless spaces
You were present and alive
Throughout my ancient energy.

Do you remember now?
When we use to fly over
high mountain tops
And eat cotton candy clouds,
And drink the pouring rain
Embracing trees and kissing flowers.

Listening to the sweet melodies
Of the universe creating-
Melodies moved us to tears
Tears made of sweet wine
And we'd taste each other's tears
Drinking in delicious joy, getting drunk
with love-
Love of knowledge and of paradise
Paradise that-
Created One soul

And we were liberated
From pain, and grief and sadness
Bliss was all we knew
It was all we needed to survive
In each other, in infinity
For centuries to come
For centuries to go
With our souls together
In antiquity and future

For the moment
I felt the softness of your kiss
Touching my skin
Transformed into eternity.
And eternity transformed into a moment
For that moment is eternity.

by Bela

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A Moment That Equals Eternity



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