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worlds created
half consciouse left
feeling isolated; again
failing to know or be known
by the realms populated.

How is it possible to express
the magnitude of events that
rip and devour one's soul;
only to turn around and
foolishly believe it wouldn't
take it's toll?

Trying to convince
oneself and other's,
eveything is fine or it
will be soon.In truth it's
more like wishful thinking
to an eventual doom.

How long can a person hold the
body up, when every vein flows
in regret and sorrow, and their
fear fills the day's that follow.
What of our childrens tomorrow?

Feeling helpless while standing
by watching those that seek death
try to steal yours, mine and our
Mother Earth's last breath.

Their hate and greed driven
pursuit will surly bring death,
as that is what they seek. Is
being fearful thought of as one
of the meek?

It's time to become fully awake.
To open our eye's and realize it's
our fear and their hate that is
so blantantly, sealing our fate.

It has been written that we were
created in their image. Through
the Spirirt of our Divine Father
and into and out from the Will of
our Divine Mother. Now more then
ever we must profoundly understand.

Do what needs to be done, change
the images playing out in our heads.
Don't you see we are creating the
hopelessness, as we have taken in
selfhatred which only offers an inevitable
loveless end.

Why Love? Because life depends on it!

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