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Never Without Him ('I will never leave you nor forsake you’ —Hebrews 13:5)

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Chapter Goodfellow--Closed

So many words to say
But won't ever find enough time
Nor will I ever find enough space
All I know is I want to thank
Each and every one of y'all
For memories that
I can't possibly erase
Now I may not recall
Each and every face
But the fact remains
You'll always be a part of me
A special piece of my family
That holds a dear spot in my heart
I've made some lifelong friends
And hopefully if any
Very little enemies
Met some roadblocks
But in the end
Each of you helped in molding me
I've shared laughs and smiles with many
Struggles with some
And cried with a few
But of regrets
Gratefully I can say I don't leave here with any
I'll remember the bones and spades
The pranks and silly little games
The camaraderie with most
The times when I got knocked down
After a big game I would boast
The current and future leaders
And those that have departed
I'll remember the many lessons learned
And the respect that I have
And the ones whom from me they have earned
I grew from an adolescent to a young man
So many things I have yet to understand
But as I depart
Let me leave you with a few quotes
Take it for what you may
But please pay attention
To the words that I wrote
What's done in the dark shall come to light
There's never more on you than you can bear
I'm living proof right here
Keep your faith whatever it may be
And proceed with no fear
Don't ever give up without a fight
But cleverly pick your battles
Be a leader among many
But remember the time to be part of the cattle
And finally one of my own
As I make my way out the door
Let your heart be the pilot
And your mind be the navigator

Until the day we meet again
One love
Take care and God Bless

¥☼MOI☼¥  24 Jan 07

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Chapter Goodfellow--Closed



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