The Last Time

                            “The Last Time”
You never prepared me for the day we said Goodbye.
The Last time we made eye contact you smiled and you knew why.
As a Baby, My God, what Beautiful times you and me together
As I moved through life you helped me grow, when I fell you picked me up
You never told me as I sat on your knee, that someday you'd go away
In my mind you let me down, I didn't ask for you or Dad
Many times you struggled without me knowing, I'm older now, it's sad
 I'm a big man now and sometimes cry, I know that should not be
But the thoughts that run through my head are thoughts of you and me
I cannot help but blame you, for every tear I shed
I did not ask to be here, I learned to love you, and now your dead
I love you, I miss you, and I didn't know your date
The bond between Mother and Son has finally run to late.
                               Gerard McGeachy

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