The Guy at the bar

                       The Guy at the Bar                   January 6,2007
The guy beside you at the bar, you know him, that's what you think
Was his past like yours, has he done any time, is there any connection or link
Can you trust his word, do you know where he's been
Does he speak about the places he's never seen?
Is he just a nowhere man, is his politics not what he speaks
Is he just a guy with a friendly past, is this the place he seeks
Can he look at you straight without telling a lie
Does he talk when you say goodbye
You know your troubles, with the good and the other, is he the same as you
Has he lost a friend, or does he have one, is the words he speaks really true
Are his issues like yours, with trouble and strife
Has he had poverty and a third world life?
Is discrimination is a word he understand
Does he talk about his birth right land?
Has he survived just like me, are his feelings clear feeling free?
I sometimes wonder about the guy at the bar, is he the same as me
A gifted child can rise to the top, if the system helps along
Was my friend at the bar ever told by that system, his family tree is wrong?
Has he sucked the spoon of silver, are his feelings about life the same
Is he blinded by the system we know, has he played the patriots game
                                               Gerrard McGeachy

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