Can I kiss the girl I loved before

Can I kiss the girl I loved before     January 2, 2007

Can I kiss the girl I loved before
My childhood sweetheart is she there for sure
A young man with feelings, I had to go, you can figure out the rest
I loved my country, I loved my girl, I joined the very best
We agreed to try, we had a cry, beneath my Irish sky
I answered the call, moved on in life, now I'm asking why?
I dreamt about that peaceful day, with the patriot game so far away
The music on the Falls was sad to leave, and my special Celtic game
The girl I loved was special she'll share my fathers name
It's different here with the job I'm doing, I want my childhood friend
My special friends that share this game, they say that things are fine fine
I dream of an Irish nation, with Sands and passing time
That special name, he played the game, I think and sometimes cry
Bobby died as the Irish cried, now change is on the way
I'm here to day because of him; I know what I have to do
I hear the news from home is good, the process can it happen
I've been disappointed so many times before; I hope it's here for sure
If things don't work I'll carry on with my special childhood dreams
They say its different, peace at last; I'll go home and grab my past
My girl and me, we'll catch a pint and sing on the London Road,  
We'll sing the songs about the town I love and those fields of Athenry
I'll be home for sure, we'll catch that game, and the bhoys are just the same
 I'll kiss the girl I loved before and share that special game
If the bhoys go down, it's not the end, peace is here at last
We can finally be married in Ireland irrespective of my past
                                      Gerrard McGeachy

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