They Kissed Their Ground

              They kissed their ground     March 24, 1999

Our claim is Ireland and Irish things, we make it very clear
Born in a land across the sea, far from our land so dear
We love our country, it's our fathers land, you can't deny our feelings
They left home at a different time, with problems of their own
No food, no work, no future, an absentee landlord stole their home
From every corner of Ireland they were forced to move away
With nothing to pack but the clothes on their back. they faced their final day
They kissed their ground as they looked around, the old with tearful eye
An old man picked some sacred sod as he left without a voice
He tucked his old land in his pocked for the country of his choice
They travelled steerage with brothers and sisters, beneath an Irish sky
With nothing to eat and naked feet, they prayed as mass was said
 They left their land without cap in hand, with their world around them dead
They struggled those men and women of Ireland, with their new land close from shore
We're Irish and proud without a home, with our new land near, who could ask for anything more
The dark of night passed on that animal ship, they were hungry as they went their way
They dusted off the smell from hell, traded hugs and said goodbye
Disappointment was the order of the day in the new land of their choice
Being Irish caused a problem, change your name said the employer's voice
Your beliefs must cease, no church or prayer, you can feed your children or go
With no cap in hand and sometimes shoes, they proudly answered no
They moved around, some stood their ground; abuse was a way of life
Their children were born in their new land and grew to face the same
From the straw and the smell from the boats from hell, we've grown because of them
Embrace the children of Ireland, irrespective of their name and past
The shamrock and the flag are ours to love, at home there's peace at last

                                         Gerrard McGeachy

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