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King Of Glory

The glory of God is powerful and supreme
It's dispersed through the universe in a beam
He rebukes the enemy when he threshes
He speaks the word they turn to ashes
He stirs the waters against the tower
He's the God of ultimate power
He shakes whole mountains, holds the world...
wears the stars of heaven as a sparkling pearl
He frustrates the season,
blows the seas dry...gathers the clouds in the sky
He formed the universe and made the earth round...
         sets it as a precious stone in his crown
He formed the waters and developed the lands...
         blew on dust and made a man
O proud waves don't get so high
Thou are so abase compared to the sky
They come marching to shore
He stops the winds...they are no more
He stirs the wind with his finger tip
      Shakes and destroys the proud ships
He creates the mood that makes the people sing
He presses the depths and up come the springs
There's healing power in his steps
He builds a paradise in the depths
His glory penetrates the bones
We turn to dust when he calls us home

copyrights 2007
Robert Anthony James        

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King Of Glory