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Human Understanding

To the intellectuals and great thinkers: It is human intelligence that separates you from the primodail spirit,  cavemen were much closer to God, because he was driven by pure-natural-instinct, like that of an unadulterated child, who neither picks, chooses, nor thinks; henceforth, the spirit flows unhindered by men's twisted and warped understanding that lacks true natural feeling. And an empty vessel makes the most beauitfulest sound; when God speaks within it, his echo is found.  And I thought that the religious groups would had love this poem, but they seek my life and its my best work thus far :( Foregave
 them Lord for they know not what they say or do, if they had thier way, they would kill even you. Dedicated to - BRUCE LEE - ( STRIKING THOUGHTS - wisdom for Daily Living - by John Little)

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Human Understanding